Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where I Get Busy

So, on my week off I’ve been trying to do things that are fun interspersed with projects/chores that have been too long ignored. Yesterday, after my dental cleaning, I popped over to the shopping center a couple of blocks away and bought two pair of shoes at the Payless. They were having a buy one get the second pair 50% off, which was a nice deal. I have been wearing rubbery garden clogs for several years and because I’m diabetic I wear white socks. They look silly. I’ve also been losing a bit of weight and the jeans I wear every day to work are getting baggier and baggier looking. Altogether not a real fashion look and certainly not good office wear. Since I’m moving into a position to be our office manager I figured I should look a bit spiffier, so I was pleased to find the shoes.

Next stop was Sears. They were having a sale on a lot of clothing and I found some black slacks…a step up from my grungy jeans. Turns out they didn’t fit and I had to move DOWN a size. Wooo!!!! So, I bought 4 pair at $19 each. It sort of bit into the checking account, but I figured I need them now. Two pair in black, one in blue and one in brown. They didn’t have any woman’s petite sizes, so I’ll need to hem them…unless the shoes I got lift me up high enough that the hems don’t drag.

Then, I went to Oakland’s China Town. It was a bear finding parking, but I finally managed it. I almost didn’t go because my hip was hurting by then with all the walking I’d done, but I’m glad I did. I popped into a few grocery stores. I got a couple of barbeque pork buns, my favorite. DeeDude hasn’t found his yet. He didn’t get home until 10 PM last night and I was already asleep, so I’ll tell him about it this morning and if he isn’t interested….It’s mine!

In one of the stores I purchased some dried plum bits. The package was $5 so it wasn’t something to sneeze at. I had absolutely no idea what these things were going to taste like, but there was a Guide at my elbow in the store urging me to put back the candied ginger I had in my basket and go with the plums instead. I do listen these days when they make suggestions and we ended up with the plums. I had one last night. Very intensely sweet so you don’t need to eat a lot of them at once. DeeDude tried one last night and when I asked him how he liked it said he didn’t care for it. Which leads me to this morning’s project:

I haven’t put anything up on Spirited Recipes in awhile and I think it would be cool to collaborate with the Guides on something to make using the plums. Also, DeeDude said that I ruined a block of Lucky brand cream cheese. He always says for me to get the Philadelphia brand, but I persist in trying to save money. Anyway, I was moved to sweeten the cheese with some Agave syrup. That went over like a fart in church, so maybe I could use that in whatever we’re going to do with the plums.


raphnix said...

Hello there. You sure have good blog and posting routine.

Hope for you to visit mine too.

Eclipse said...

Yay for losing weight! Not baad, not bad. I love quality plums - mm, plum pie. Me-thinks that would be yummy.

BTW.... two old ladies fighting... they remind me of cats. You know, like paw-to-paw boxing.

Anyways, good luck with the recipe!