Friday, February 15, 2013

Prozac and Why I Stopped Taking It

In explanation as to why I have not been very busy posting on this blog I can only say I've been on Prozac and have had an even temper for the last couple of years.  There hasn't been much to vent about.  However, I stopped taking it this last summer and now find the urge to speak up.

In its defense Prozac is a sure fire way of calming the waters.  The con about the use of Prozac is I finally realized I felt like I wasn't a participant in life anymore.  The fire in my belly was gone.  The viv just wasn't there anymore.  So, I contacted my doctor and we developed a plan of gradually weaning myself off of it.  I'm not totally off all the meds yet, but Prozac was the big boy that I wanted gone from my system.  It's been about 6 months.  I feel much better.

I found I could cry again.  I hadn't realized I was so shut down that I just couldn't cry anymore.  My advice to anybody contemplating going on Prozac?  Think twice.  It's useful but it's a bitch getting off of it.  Go see a therapist instead and work out your issues that way.  On the bright side, you'll have done whatever needs to be done and maybe you won't have those same issues hanging over your head next lifetime around.

Currently, I've turned my attention to my websites that have languished while I zombied out on Prozac for the last 2 years.  Blogger had really changed.  I'm impressed with how idiot-proof it seems to be.  What I want to do is to somehow create an income stream that will allow me to spend my days doing what I really want to do; write, read, craft, invent stuff and just have a better time than being administrative staff for a job that went stale some years ago.  So, I took today off.  This is my second post today.   The first one was for Building your own Ouija Board at my Learn to Channel Blog.

So, off to be creative and really, really enjoy my day off. 

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