Saturday, July 06, 2013

Relieve neck pain with a simple move! (ATM82)

 I've had a pain in my upper right back for days.  It started as if I'd pulled a neck muscle.  Then, two days ago the pain radiated down my right arm was so painful I could get absolutely no relief.  I began taking lots of ibuprofen, two at a time.  I used ice packs.  It actually helped my knee which had also been giving me grief, but not the pain in my back or arm.

Sleeping was horrible.  I tossed and turned trying in vain to find a spot where my arm and back wouldn't hurt.

Last night I re-read an email my doctor had sent to me back in January of this year (2013) where I had experienced the same kind of pain.  He told me that I had a pinched nerve in my neck and the pain in my back that radiated down my right arm was a result of the pinched nerve.  He told me the repetitive motion of working at the computer and signing checks all day at work was not helpful.  He told me I should move around more and do stretching exercises.

So, this morning I went to YouTube to see if there was anything to do about my problem.  Lo and behold the video above titled:  Relieve neck pain with a simple move! (ATM82) really did help my problem.  Now, some 8 hours later I am once again experiencing the pain.  I will go do the clockwise motion with my nose and the back of my head described in the video.  Hopefully, remembering to do stretching exercises, not spending so much time with the stuff that ends up hurting me and following the moves described in the video will produce some relief.

I also wanted to book mark the video.  I haven't quite figured out the system of bookmarking them and having them handy for viewing later on.

Peace to all.  

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