Friday, July 31, 2009


Do you have something that tempts you? Something that when it is right smack dab in front of you that you find any sense of being in control of your own urges go straight down the drain?

There are those who might say, “No, nothing does that to me. I am always in control of what I do, of what I think, of what I put in my mouth.”

I speak of chocolate cravings. I also speak of the time of the month. Used to be there were times when I couldn’t think of anything else but having a piece of chocolate. And, it wasn’t as though just one piece of chocolate was going to stop the craving. I suppose that’s why they made Hershey Kisses. You sort of thought you might be able to stop at one and if you did, why, no harm done. It doesn’t work that way. That’s why they don’t sell cigarettes singly. If you’re going to have one, folks, you’re going to be hooked. Anyway, I don’t know that there have been any studies done between cigarette smoking and a woman’s time of the month. Perhaps there should be.

Back to the chocolate. I realize now as I’m moving rapidly into menopause that the chocolate cravings I used to have really were cravings. I don’t have them anymore. It’s the strangest thing, but all the time I was younger and had my menses I denied that I had anything that smacked of a chocolate craving. Now, that I don’t have them at all I can see with the much better vision of hindsight that I did indeed have chocolate cravings.

Satisfying those cravings didn’t hurt anything as far as I can tell. But, the surprising thing to me now was that they really were tied to the movement of the moon and not to some defect in character I had to overcome.


Donna said...

Hi Sweetie! Been awhile! I had a Hysterectomy 36yrs ago and I Still crave chocolate!Hahaa...hughugs

Kevin C said...

Still get chocolate cravings and yes they are tied definetly to mating.