Sunday, September 13, 2009

Newsletter for August and September, 2009

Finally, I got my newsletter out. For whatever reasons I have been off track with a lot of things for the last few months and one of them was my newsletter. This is something I've been doing on a monthly basis for the last 4 years. I took pride in the fact that I hadn't missed any months. Until now. It really threw me into the dumps. I would sit in front of my computer waiting for some sort of inspiration to strike and nothing happened.

A friend advised me to take a break from it for awhile and see if the desire to produce the newsletter would return. And, today it did. Some changes, though. Of the 3 sections available to me (I write it at I will henceforth devote one to the guides channeling. That's why I'm here and it's only right to give them a section for themselves. The other section will continue to be for developing your psychic senses. I've had that one for some time and feel it is good to remain. The third part might possible be a humorous thing or could just be whatever seems appropriate. Maybe it could just be my section.

In any case, the newsletter is out and you can see it at Talking to Spirit here. Or, just sit back and read the humorous part which follows. I loved writing it. True, too.

Psychic Guy vs Non Psychic Guy

Same day. Same happenings. Same person except in one version the person is psychically aware and in the other that person is not.

Morning. Psychic Guy awakens and begins talking with guides. Decides to send out psychic awareness and request for healing to co-workers and relatives who are struggling with health and other issues. Non Psychic Guy farts. Farts again just for the hell of it and begins waving covers about. Psychic guy farts and says, “Excuse me.” to myriad guides who might be in range.

Non Psychic Guy decides to roll over and go back to sleep. He awakes in a panic late for work and off on the wrong foot for the day. Psychic Guy rolls over, goes back to sleep and is awakened 15 minutes later by guides who tell him it is time to get out of bed. He is not late to work and also gets to eat breakfast.

At work Psychic Guy gets a phone call. Guides indicate he should remain calm. Psychic Guy ends up telling salesperson that the company is not interested. Non Psychic Guy is unprepared for salesperson, ends up getting angry and tells salesperson not to call again.

After work at grocery store. Guides tell Psychic Guy to drop apple in hand. Psychic guy chooses another. Non Psychic Guy buys rotten apple.

Driving Home. Non Psychic Guy is cut off by 2 people, tail gated by 3 more, curses frequently and by the time he is home he is worn out. Psychic Guy runs into the same lousy drivers and calls them assholes. Guides chip in with helpful comment to say, “Everybody has one.” Psychic Guy realizes he is being a jerk and ends up laughing at himself.

It just takes the edge off.

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Kevin C said...

Spoils the fun to know the beginning before the end...