Saturday, February 21, 2009

This is a photo of a flower I took recently from one of the bouquets DeeDude got for me. He doesn't wait for special occasions.

I am on vacation for the entire next week. Wooo Wooo Happy Happpy Happy. Plan to do a lot of reading, taking naps, lots of writing and working on Talking to Spirit. New flower picture...learning about Photoshop. Consolidating and streamlining the menu. Cutting out all the verbiage from the front page and finding places for it within the site.

There is a lot more work, but if I can get it started this week it will be easier for me to continue working on it once I'm back to work again. It's been such an overwhelming project that I just couldn't seem to get started on it properly. One of the major holdups was working with my blue flower in Photoshop. I never really learned the program and that, right there, is the problem. Spent about 5 hours or so on it this last week after work every evening hammering away at it.
This is what I've got so far and somehow it doesn't quite please me yet.

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Donna said...

Well Done though!!! I've got Photoshop and I Really need to Learn it!!!hahaa...
Happy Vacation!!!hughugs