Saturday, November 28, 2009

222 and All That

I hope those who celebrated the day had a Happy Thanksgiving. Our office is closed Thursday and Friday and this is a lovely 4 days off for me.

Mostly, I've been reading, Under The Dome by Stephen King. It was just recently released and is still one of the "New Books" at our library. Which means I need to be finished with it by Dec 2nd. 1074 pages. I've got another 300 to go. Good book. I love how Stephen King tells a story. There's just no hurry because you are NOT going to get away from it, whatever it is. So there is time to examine every picking detail.

And, a psychic point of interest....I had begun this post at my other blog called The Spirit Moved Me and Look What Happened. But, it being basically chatty rather than uplifting or in some way spiritually moving the guides suggested to me that I not put it into that blog. A better choice being this one at Where the Psychic Vents where I could write a nice update on my life.

As I began the transfer of post from one blog to the other I saw that this post will be number 222 at The Psychic Vents. And, that is news. Especially, since I was just writing about reading a Stephen King book. See, dear readers, when I turned psychic I was reading a boat load of Stephen King books. I had just quit my job in favor of pursuing life as a writer. But, the first thing I did as a free woman was to get horribly sick. It was over a month that I was sick. My days were turned upside down as I slept all day and was awake at night. And, I had an itch to read a Stephen King book.

I had avoided any of his books all of my life (up until then I was 35 years old and at the present time it is 20 years later). I thought they were just too scary. But, about 2 months before I quit my job to be a writer I was at the library on a Friday evening after work. The goal was to get a big fat book for the weekend. I didn't care what it was going to be about. I just walked into the library wanting a big fat book. I remember I walked around a little bit until I headed into the New Book Section. It was there I saw it. It was about 3 inches thick. It was a newly released, uncut edition of, The Stand. My heart thumped. I saw it was by Stephen King, but I flipped open the fly leaf to read what was there. Poifect. I took it home, read it and was done by Monday. 3 days to read over 1,000 pages. And, from that moment on I was no longer afraid to read Stephen King books.

So, 2 months later as I was fighting and then slowly recovering from that horrible sick I got the minute I quit my job what better way to spend my time than reading a lot of books by Stephen King? I did. And, I got psychic.

The first thing that happened was I began seeing the number 222 everywhere. I mean it was everywhere. The first place was the time on the microwave oven. Then, it was just everywhere. I talked to my sister about it because I was concerned and the next day she telephoned me to excitedly say she had just been in her bank's parking lot, looked up at their sign twirling around on top of a post to see that the time was 222. I don't remember what the temperature displayed on the opposite side of the sign was, but there it was 2:22 in the afternoon. Creepy.

I continued seeing 222 everywhere. Checks that I wrote had a 222 in them. Receipts I got from shopping had 222 in them. To this day, with every book I read, I seem to be aware of that page, 222, as it goes by.

There were other things that began happening too. My dreams got really vivid and wierd. I remember I dreamed about some tall dude coming up my front steps with a huge pumpkin head. I dreamed of myself coming up the front steps hand over hand on the railing as if I was having trouble with the ascent. I began to know that the phone was going to ring before it rang and then I began knowing who was on the other end. I was well and truly freaked by this time.

I went to the library to investigate ESP because that's what I thought this was about. When we were kids we were always interested in hearing about things ESP. But, it never actually happened to us. Just to other people. And, we also weren't real sure that it was real. I found a copy of Colin Wilson's book called ESP. It's a huge book and I read enough of it to find out he didn't consider things ESP to be freakish or alarming. That was enough to settle my breakfast and with a much calmer manner I began to read other books to try to discover what was happening to me.

I read somewhere that 222 is a signal that you are on your spiritual path. That put an entirely different spin on things from the lurid and freaky to a quietly psychic and spiritual path. I was comfortable with that.

I was on my way. So, 222 has a special significance for me and so do the books written by Stephen King. And, today is a special day for this blog.


Monisha said...

Congratulations! Thank you for documenting your journey for the rest of us!

Kara said...

I love signs and symbols so I especially liked your story...I have a bunch of "signs" stories myself at my blog...